Neidpath, Saskatchewan

Neidpath was settled around 1909 when the first post office was established at John Mitchell’s farm. It was moved to the village in 1924. The hamlet is named after Neidpath Castle in Scotland. Canadian National laid the railway in 1924 and abandoned it by 1958. There were four or five elevators in the 1920s. Today only two remain in the hamlet. A school was built in 1912. Most of the buildings date from the 1920s; a church, two hotels, general store, blacksmith, bank, and telephone office. None of them remain today. I believe the remaining church was moved into town in 1954. Neidpath peaked in 1928 with a population around 100 and never reached village status. By the late 1930s the hamlet was in decline. The general store was destroyed by fire, the school closed in 1942, and the elevators were the only remaining businesses by 1945.








6 thoughts on “Neidpath, Saskatchewan

  1. Great photos of Neidpath. I visited the place in 2005 to check things out there. It was especially significant for me, as I am John Mitchell’s great-grandson.

  2. How beautiful ! The house that remains is the school teachers house. The car is my dads family’s car that sits behind what used to be their family home. We still have family reunions in the hall that still is useable. It’s a fascinating little walk down memory lane for my dad when we went there a lot as a child.

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